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The Whole Famdamily: Photography for your version of family
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Who’s your mob?

You might be a single parent, same-sex parents, a couple, a couple and a dog, excellent housemates or a person, their budgie and a fondue set collection – go on, surprise me!

Your mob is whoever you choose. It’s the people and/or pets in the place you feel most comfortable.

Photobiography helps you appreciate life in the everyday by creating space for recording and celebrating your relationships, your connections. Your story. Life. Who and what you’re most proud of.

Let’s play! Honestly, even the most camera-shy person has fun when we get to know one another and explore the most important parts of your life.

My style is mostly documentary with a bit of lifestyle. What does this mean? I capture things as they happen, but I position you in good light. I direct a bit, but I also want to keep the vibe of who you are.

You won’t have to put up with being made to sit stiffly or stand in a way you don’t usually stand. Occasionally, I might ask you to shift a hand or stand back a bit, but my best shots come from loose posing in a familiar setting. (Think the Design Files ‘Family’ section and you’re getting somewhere.)

Before the day:
We discuss your likes (and dislikes!) and the activities that describe your life. We’ll have a chat about clothing, hair and makeup. You’ll tell me about your favourite places and favourite things.

At some point, you’ll tell me in a conspiratorial tone that you don’t like being photographed. I’ll reply that everyone tells me in a conspiratorial tone that they don’t like being photographed. My job is to help you just be you and kinda forget I’m there.

On the day:
Over about an hour or so, we’ll create three or four settings that also have good light and I’ll set you up to feel comfortable like you’re just living your everyday life. You might make French toast, chuck sticks for the dog, open Fathers’ Day presents or create a West African feast. You’ll be wearing clothes you feel good in and that represent you. You might even play dress-ups, if the mood takes you.

After the day:
One week later I’ll send you social media-ready files and an online gallery for you to choose your images.

A week after that I will deliver your high-resolution files!

And if you’ve gone in boots and all … I’ll be busy organising prints and/or photobooks. (These are popular optional extras for people who ‘just know’ they won’t find time to print.)

Packages start at $550 and include 15 edited, high-resolution photos.

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